Fiction Prompt #118: Wind Storm

The wind whipped the trees outside Caitlyn’s house, bending them as if they were mere twigs, sending their blossoms swirling in the air like snow. She could hear the howl loud and clear over the voices coming from her television. The newscast yesterday mentioned heavy rain but never said a word about high winds. If she had known, she would have brought in trash cans and made sure everything outside was secure. Just then, the television lost signal leaving her alone with nothing but the sound of the wind as it rushed past her house. She hoped the power would stay on, she didn’t like being without electricity. The harsh weather and no power was too close to the types of scenes she saw in horror movies, the thought alone sending a shiver down her spine. Her black and white tuxedo cat, Wink, paced the room, unsettled by the building storm. She squatted down to coax Wink over when the room went black.

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