Fiction Prompt #119: The Bar Band

The music danced through the air, jumping and jiving to a beat that forced my body to move, making it impossible to stand still. I tried. But within seconds of holding my body still a toe began to tap or a leg began to bounce and sometimes it was a finger that ticked off the beat. Only a dead person could stand still listening to this band. I wandered into this small off the beaten track bar because I was lost. I didn’t bother looking to see much more than the name because there were a gathering of young men about a block down that were watching me approach in a way that made me uncomfortable. I’m a fit five foot six and can run fast, but I wasn’t sure I could outrun a group of men who knew the area. I figured my best bet was to duck into this small bar and call a cab. I never expected there would be a band, a really good band too, so I never expected to stay. I figured it was safe enough inside and I could still call a cab at the end of the night. But I was wrong about that, so very wrong. 

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