Fiction Prompt #120: Leaving Evergreen

Shelly was finally on the road. It was the first day of her vacation and she couldn’t wait to get out of the small mountain town of Evergreen. All her life she dreamed of going to the big city, she had even been accepted to San Francisco State, but then her mother was diagnosed with cancer and she had to stay home and take of her. It was a long battle that went on for three painful years. Being stuck in Evergreen was the least of her concerns during that time. No one should ever have to watch their mother, or any loved one for that matter, deteriorate right before their eyes. When her mother died three years ago she swore she would get out of Evergreen and never return. Unfortunately, the medical bills piled up, leaving Shelly with a mountain of dept. She finally paid off the last bill three months ago and began saving for her escape. 

She felt the excitement bubbling up inside her as her 2005 Toyota Camery hugged the tight turns down the mountain and away from Evergreen. She was spending a three days in San Francisco and three days in Los Angeles, scouting out where she would start her life over. She was thinking about going to school, probably a junior college to start, when the sun burst through the window like a laser beam, hitting her directly in the eyes, blinding her just as she was coming into a hairpin turn. 

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