Fiction Prompt #121: Novel Delicacy Cafe 

The sun bounced off the dark shiny wood of the table across from Jenna, as if a mirror was angled perfectly to ensure the flash would blind her, at the exact moment the door to the cafe opened and the chime tinkled to alert the staff of a new arrival. She blinked rapidly in an effort to see who walked in, but all she could make out was a shape. It was definately a man, tall, at least six foot three and broad across the shoulders, narrowing nicely at the waist, and falling down to some legs that from the shape looked solid and thick. There was no one in Buckhead built like that, and she would know since she was born in this town and had never left except for a few vacations over the course of her life. She almost rubbed her eyes, but remembered that she had put on make-up that day for the interview she had with food critic from some big national paper. Was it USA Today or Huffington Post? She couldn’t remember. She had no idea how they found out about her little cafe, Novel Delicacy, in Buckhead California or why they want to interview her. It wasn’t like Buckhead was a vacation destination. The small town offered some hunting and fishing since it was nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, but that was about it. She loved the town and the people, but even she knew there was no draw for vacationers.

She heard Carla come from the back room. “Good morning. Welcome to Novel Deli…. Oh my.” 

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