Memoir Prompt #118: Storms

What is the worst storm you have ever encountered? Were you prepared for it or did it catch you off guard? Today I want you to write about that storm. So set your timer for 20 minutes and remember to use all of your senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

When did you first find out about the storm? Was it in advance, as it was coming in, or after it already hit? Where were you? Who was with you? What were you thinking when you first heard about or noticed the storm? Did you discuss it with someone? If you had time what did you do to prepare for the storm, if anything? If you didn’t have time to prepare, what were you thinking as the storm came upon you? If you heard about the storm in advance did the news predict the storm accurately? Did you believe them or did you think they were just sensationalizing how big the storm would be? Write what was happening as the storm came toward you and upon you. Who was with you? Who wasn’t with you, but you were worried about? Why wasn’t this person with you and where were they? What happened as the storm reached it’s worst? Did you lose power? Did trees fall or fly? Did the river overflow sending water up to or even through your house? Write through the worst until the storm settles and passes. Take stock of your situation after the storm. What impacts did the storm have on you, those you care about and your possessions? How did you come out of the storm compared to others in your area? What did you learn about yourself, your family, and your surrounding community due to this storm?

If you have been in many storms consider writing about each one. It is amazing what we learn about ourselves, our habits and our community when we look back at such impactful events. Is there a lesson or message in there that you can share?

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