Memoir Prompt #120: Where Did You Grow Up?

Today I want you to think about where you grew up. It might have been a big city, a small town, or perhaps in the middle of nowhere. As we go through the process of writing I want you to think about the small details that really remind you of the place, the details that bring it to life in your mind. So set your timer for at least twenty minutes and remember to use all your senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

Start by describing what is around you. Is it tall buildings, trees, rolling hills, open fields or houses. What do you hear and smell? What stands out to you about this landscape? How does it make you feel? Does it intrigue you, scare you, excite your or bore you? How does this landscape effect the freedom you have to explore? What warnings are you given by your parents or gaurdians? What about the landscape fascinates you and draws you in? What is your favorite thing to do? How does this activity make you feel? Are you going against the wishes of your parents or gaurdians? What about this place scares you? Are there dangers lurking that you must avoid or are perhaps unaware of or disbelieving of? Really get into the details of the place, what you see, hear, taste, smell and touch. Also think about how each detail makes you feel. Write as much as you can about this place and what it meant to you as you were growing up.

When you are finished look over what you have written. How did this place shape who you are and how you approach life? Do you see where seeds were planted to shape your habits, thoughts and behaviors? What can you learn about yourself from looking back at this place where you grew up? What can you teach others from you experiences? Can you think of specific experiences in this place that had an important I impact on your life and the way you think? Perhaps you will want to write them next.

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